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Mexico Baxtla: Featured Origin Select Coffee

Our Origin Select coffee this month comes from the Baxtla region of Veracruz. This smooth, easy-drinking coffee features soft orange blossom brightness, chocolate richness and a lingering chocolate and candied citrus finish. We decided on a medium/dark roast profile this month, to really highlight the cocoa notes inherent in Mexican coffees. 

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El Salvador Lenca: Featured Origin Select Coffee

Every month I get the pleasure of choosing a new single origin coffee to purchase and roast for our Origin Select program! It’s exciting to be able to choose where in the world our “travels” will take us next. Our Origin Select coffee this month comes from the Morazan region of El Salvador. 

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Let’s talk K-Cups®: scourge of the earth, or the coffee of the future?

  Beginning today, you can purchase Perkolator coffee in single-serve cups compatible with the Keurig® brewing system! For those of you that are excited about this, we are excited for you to try them and to hear how they stack up against what you are currently brewing! We’ve worked for a long time to create a product that will surpass the current selection available, in both flavor and freshness, while remaining at a competitive price point. For those of you who are concerned that we would ever package our product in such a way, let’s talk. We think that there’s room for everyone to enjoy our coffee however they brew!      Let’s address the elephant in the room, which...

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