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Mocha Java, the World’s First Blend (and ours, too!)

Mocha Java has a story almost as old as coffee itself… We’ve taken coffee from both of the original growing regions and roasted them individually (prior to blending them together) to bring out the best characteristics of each, creating what we believe to be a delicious version of this classic medium/dark roast, our Mocha Java Inaugural Blend!

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Joe's Story . . .

Thirty six years ago I had my first cup of coffee. I was on a plane, traveling from NY to California, alone. I was 7. My mother boarded me at LaGuardia, and my grandparents would pick me up in San Fransisco. I had only smelled coffee previously, and I liked what I knew of it. The flight attendant . . . asked what I wanted to drink. “I’ll have a coffee,” I said . . . “black.”

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