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Origin Select

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Origin Select

July 2021     Roasted in-house by Perkolator

Fair Trade Certified Papua New Guinea: Okapa

Dry Fermented/Washed  Medium Roast

Praline, Citrus, Savory spice

Our Origin Select coffee this month comes from the the Eastern Highlands of Papua New Guinea. This sweet and savory coffee with tart fruit acidity is balanced nicely with sugary praline and citrus fruit flavors. Our roasters chose a medium roast to bring out the best in this Fair Trade certified and organically grown bean. 

Roots #1 Farmers Association is a cooperative of about 1,590 smallholder producers started by farmer Tony Tokah in 2012 in an attempt to organize members of his community to deliver coffee more cost-effectively and share resources. Most farmers here don't have coffee "farms" but rather coffee "gardens," very small plots of land on which they grow the crops they need for the household as well as to sell for income. Coffee is an important cash crop, and organizing into a group with their neighbors and associates can help the farmers of Roots #1 earn a higher price for their offerings at the mill. Roots #1 also has a focus on encouraging women producers to participate in the coffee business. 

The members pick their coffee ripe and depulp it the same day. It's fermented dry for about 26–36 hours, depending on the temperature, and washed using channels after the fermentation is done. The coffee is dried on raised beds for 3–5 days, again depending on the weather.

We hope you will enjoy this new selection in our ongoing Origin Select series of coffees that explores different coffee growing regions, farms, and processes. We roast our Origin Select series in-house, guaranteeing you get the freshest roast possible.

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12oz bag whole bean

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