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Arnold Palmer

Arnold Palmer

The best part about the Perkolator Arnold Palmer is watching this layered beauty mix with every sip! When you layer your ingredients, you’re able to take your Arnie experience to the next level!  

6 oz Perkolator Lemonade 

6 oz Perk Iced Tea

1 scoop of ice

Place your ice in the glass first, and fill half way with Lemonade. Slowly pour the iced tea on top of the lemonade using the ice to catch the tea and cascade it on top of the lemonade. If you do it carefully enough, you can “float” the tea, creating a classic summertime beverage that is as delightful to look at as it is refreshing to drink! Mix it up with ANY of our teas, caffeinated or herbal, for a drink that is uniquely yours!