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Electric Perk: New name, same great espresso!

February 08, 2021 2 min read

Electric Perk bags
Kolze's Electric Park

Kolze's Electric Park

Imagine, if you can, spending an entire day journeying from downtown Chicago all the way out to the northwest side on the brand new, extended Irving Park West streetcar line, perhaps to visit a loved one at the Dunning State Hospital. The year is 1905, and after a day of travel, and a long journey home ahead, it is customary to spend some time unwinding under the magical electric lights of Kolze’s Electric Park, one of the first of its kind in Chicago. Located on what is now the corner of Narragansett and Irving Park Road, just a short walk from where Perkolator is located, Kolze’s featured food, dancing, games and drinks for travelers seeking refreshments and frivolity. After the war, the Chicago Park District acquired the land, bulldozed the buildings and pavilions, and reimagined it into Merrimac Park, which has served our neighborhood since the 1950’s.

Read more about the history of the park in the article written by Neil Gale,

Electric Perk: A Nod to the Neighborhood!

Electric Perk Espresso Blend

We hope to evoke the excitement and electricity of the park with every sip of our Electric Perkclassic espresso roast. Though dancing and spending time with family and friends in public places right now seems as much a distant memory as the Irving Park West streetcar, one sip of this espresso prepared in your favorite way brings back the rich flavor and memories of good times.

A subtle nod to our neighborhood’s history (and a once beloved method of coffee brewing), we’ve updated the name of our Sputnik Espresso Blend to Electric Perk Espresso Blend! Beginning this week, you will start to see bags of our espresso under the new trade name, Electric Perk. This tiny but important change to our coffee lineup is just the beginning of what promises to be an ELECTRIC year for us!

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